5th of August 2002

Mostostal Pulawy S.A. signed a contract with the Nitrogen Works "Pulawy" S.A. regarding building of the Melamine III Production Plant. The contract worth 12mln PLN covers making of a steel construction together with assembly of apparatuses within the Melamine III Production Plant. Estimated period of the project's realisation is August 9th, 2002 - June 30th, 2003.

August 2002 - Power Plant in Chorzow

Start of piping assembly in Chorzow Power Plant.

August 2002 - Melamine III Production Plant

Building-work on a new installation - Melamine III Production Plant - has been started.

August 2002

A new project was started: rebuilding of liquid gas reloading base in Wolka by Malaszewicze. The investor of this project is TRANSGAZ S.A.

July 2002 - an agreement with Transgaz S.A.

Mostostal Pulawy S.A. entered into an agreement with Transgaz S.A. to build additional liquid gas tanks and loading stand to serve the auto-cisterns in the Terminal of Condensed Gases Wolka in Zalesie.



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