12th of September, 2003 - award "Employer of the Year 2002 in Building Industry"

12th of September, 2003 - during the sixth edition of a contest "Employer of the Year 2002 in Building Industry", there was held an awarding prizes ceremony.
The Jury of the contest decided to award the prize and the title in the group of Large Enterprises to Mr. Tadeusz Rybak, President of the Board and CEO of MOSTOSTAL PULAWY S.A.
The competition was organized by the National Union of the Building Industry Employers and addressed to all building companies that conduct business in the territory of Poland. The aim of the contest was to choose and promote those employers, who run the companies in an effective and reliable way. The winners were chosen in two categories:
A leader in the group of Large Enterprises (the candidate had to run a company, which employed over 250 persons) and a Leader in the group of Small and Medium Enterprises (up to 250 employees).
The assessment was made basing on the company achievements during the year 2002. The Jury of the contest, which was set up by the Board of the National Union of the Building Industry Employers judged the financial outcomes of the companies according to the annual financial statements and other elements, such as: preparation to acting at the European markets, organization of the company management, range of used assurances and human resources politics.
The evaluation of the candidates was made through the achievements of the companies. The Jury also took into consideration such aspects as: continuity of running the company, activity in the building society and other organizations.


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