Mostostal Pulawy S.A. at the "AUTOSTRADA – Polska 2008" Fair

Mostostal Pulawy S.A. at the

The well-known in Poland and abroad event called "AUTOSTRADA - POLSKA International Road Construction Fair" took place traditionally in Kielce, this year from 14th to 16th of May. The fair is the biggest one in our country and one of the biggest in Middle-Eastern Europe as well.


Mostostal Pulawy is the General Contractor of flue gas desulphurisation (FGD) system for Power Heating Plant at Zaklady Azotowe Pulawy

In April 2008 Mostostal Pulawy S.A. was awarded the General Contractor of the turnkey investment project "Construction of Flue Gas Desulphurisation System for Power Heating Plant at Zaklady Azotowe Pulawy S.A.". The contract is planned to be implemented in the years 2009-2010. The contract will be executed in cooperation with the US company Marsulex Environmental Technology Corporation, which will supply grant the licence to the desulphurisation technology (ammonia scrubbing) and the company Prozap Ltd., which is a general contractor of the design documentation.


Installation of a boiler in Zistersdorf, Austria

In March 2008 our Company concluded a contract with Duro Daković for the assembly of a boiler and pressure components at the waste incinerator facility in Zistersdorf, Austria. Related works started in May and are planned to be completed in January 2009. The project investor is ASA Zistersdorf, Austria.

Pressure test of a boiler in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden

On March 8th, 2008 took place the positive pressure test of the boiler BFB in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden built for Övik Energi AB. The assembly of the boiler begun on September 20th, 2007, all of works are planned to be finished on May 9th, 2008. The boiler is being supplied by METSO Power.

New orders: bridge building

In recent period of time Mostostal Puławy received the two new orders related to bridge building.
First one, from Mota-Engil Polska S.A., includes execution, assembling and anti-corrosion protection of the steel structure of two rebuilding bridges: over the River Krzna in a small spot Neple and over the River Tanew in Osuchy, both eastern Poland.




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