TÜV Thüringen Certificates

Certificate for manufacturing pressure devices according to module G of Directive 2014/68/EC.


TŰV Thüringen Certificate fulfilling the requirements DIN EN ISO 3834-2 as well as the requirements for production of pressure equipment according to PED 2014/68/EN Annex I, pt.3.1 and to AD 2000 HPO sec. 3/HP 100 R/TRD 201.


Certificate in scope of transfer of material markings (re-stamp) on products with material's certificates of manufactures, who are approved according to the regulations for pressure equipment (Pressure Equipment Directive, 2014/68/EC in connection with AD 2000—Merkblatt W 0).


TÜV Thüringen Certificate confirming the compliance with the requirements of AD-2000 Merkblatt HP7/1 Chapter 2 and EN ISO 17663 for the company carrying out the heat treatment.



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